We are striving to produce a Romney true to the breed standard that produces consistently.

We also work with coat color genetics in the Romneys to control what patterns are produced in our fleeces from year to year. We are continuing to utilize this to produce stellar hand spinning fleeces.

We built the Dorset flock back up in 2015 by purchasing 8 ewe lambs from K Bar K farm and DVU. We are focusing on the production style Dorset to meet our need for an efficient meat sheep.

Our Current Romney Rams:

SORB 225

We bought this ram from JoAnn Mast of Southern Oregon Romneys at the National ARBA show in WA in Aug 2015. Even though we didn't get him to the East in time for breeding this past year, we plan to use him to add body and fleece consistency to our flock

Anchorage 1559

We purchased this guy from Anchorage Farm through the Maryland Sheep & Wool sale a few years back. Born in 2018 we've been using him for his recessive color patterns and sweet disposition. His pedigree goes back to Tawanda farms in CA. 

Kalina 714

We purchased this ram from Kalina Romneys in May 2017 and he arrived from Oregon in July. This fall born ram was recently named the 2017 ARBA National White Champion at Garden State Sheep Breeders in NJ. We are excited to see what his lambs will look like this coming spring (2018)

SORB 5/14/16
Kalina 11/16/16